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I'm working on field encrypt / decrypt.

What I choose is

select encrypt('123456789012345','1234','aes');
(1 row)

I got my data encrypted though, the other string is there after decrypt like below...

postgres=# select decrypt('\x34591627f9c8eae417fc7cbbf458592c','1234','aes');
(1 row)

Have I made wrong way? (I know this kind of asking could be stupid... )

What I have to do is just getting a most simple way and encrypted data has small size....

Thanks in advance...

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If this is for passwords, don't encrypt them, salt them and one-way hash them. You should not usually need to be able to recover the plaintext of a password, only determine if its hash matches one that was supplied to you. –  Craig Ringer Sep 27 '12 at 3:37

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The decrypt function is returning a byte string, not a character string, so its being shown in hex notation. The actual values are the same \x31 = 1, \x32 = 2 etc.

You need to cast the return value back to text.


select convert_from(decrypt('\x34591627f9c8eae417fc7cbbf458592c','1234','aes'),'SQL_ASCII');
(1 row)

Postgresql string functions

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thank you so much... –  KIM Sep 26 '12 at 11:04

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