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Is that possible to pass string values for x-Axis in d3 stacked area chart. I tried two types of methods to pass string values for xAxis,

1) chart.xAxis.tickFormat(function(d) {

            var dx = data[0].values[d] && data[0].values[d].x || 0;
  if (dx)
                return dx;    
                return '';


2) and also changed the .x(function(d){
return d[0];

second statement returning me the string value but while drawing the xAxis ticks are not visible and throws an error

in stackedAreaChart.js

selection.each(function(data) {

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The sloution is chart.xAxis.tickFormat(function(d) { var dx = data[0].values[d] && data[0].values[d][0] || 0; if (dx) return dx; else return ''; }); – Senthil Kumar Sep 27 '12 at 5:34

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