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I have a directory that contains multiple files and want to get the modification times and file names from there for modification times between set dates.

I have tried =FILEDATETIME in Excel 2007 but it’s returning #NAME?, so I assume that function does not exist.

How is this possible?

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Using VBA? stackoverflow.com/a/6427230/2258 –  Richard Morgan Sep 26 '12 at 9:36

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Bit of a cheat as far as using Excel goes, but I find this easiest via command prompt (cmd in Programs). CD to required 'folder', then dir >list. Open file 'list' in Excel (ah, not quite totally irrelevant!) and parse with =LEFT(A6,16)in B6 and =MID(A6,37,200*) in C6. Copy formulae down as required, then Sort or Filter by ColumnB,

*If you use ridiculously long file names, up the 200.

There used to be a System command in 1-2-3 that did this for you (and I rather miss it).

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