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I'm having difficulties understanding the drag and drop in HTML 5, particularly the dropeffect and effectsallowed properties. I've looked through documentations and examples but I still don't get a good grip. Particularly, the fact that you can drag data inside a page and on the other hand files from outside the page obscures things for me.

First, when I drag an image that's inside a page to a drop area the FileList of the DataTransfer object is empty. But does that mean you also can't access images in a page the same way as with files from outside the page? (e.g. get their properties or feed them to a FileReader)

The other thing I don't understand is dropEffect and effectsAllowed. Do they work in combination with the setData and getData methods or with files dragged from outside the page?

I would think that if I set event.dataTransfer.dropEffect = ' move', then a file outside the page would actually be moved and be gone in the old location. However, I don't see any actual difference between move/link/copy, when I drag something into the page, apart from the dropEffect string value.

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Hmm no answers yet, but I got a little further. Just in case anyone else is wondering about this:

The dropEffect and effectsAllowed properties are apparently just visual cues for the drag operation. Nothing more, nothing less. That means the cursor icon changes according to the used effect. Here is a small script where you can see it in action:

The thing is that Firefox (15) uses the standard drop cursor when you set effectsAllowed to more than one effect (e.g. copymove). This behaviour is at the moment of writing different in Chrome, which just uses the icon specified with dropEffect. The latter seems more logical to me, so perhaps Firefox is just buggy about it.

I found out that this visual cues work with both elements inside a web page as well as files from outside the browser.

But setting the dropEffect to for example 'move' has nothing to do with really moving the file.

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Is this a conclusive answer? – user577537 Oct 2 '12 at 9:36

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