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suggest me to best idea to develop multiple application for common controller,model,view in cakephp. anybody have idea for develop this type application please suggest me.

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This is what Plugins are for - you can create a set of controllers, models, views (and a lot more), package them together and then deploy them to all of you applications. See the CakePHP cookbook for specifics.

Using this approach would add an extra plugin portion to your urls, which can be fixed by providing routing rules.

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There are two ways of doing this.

  1. Package your common controllers, models & views as a plugin
  2. Put your common code in a seperate set of directories and use App::build() in bootstrap.php to include those directories:

    App::build(array( 'plugins' => array('/full/path/to/plugins/', '/next/full/path/to/plugins/'), 'models' => array('/full/path/to/models/', '/next/full/path/to/models/'), 'views' => array('/full/path/to/views/', '/next/full/path/to/views/'), 'controllers' => array('/full/path/to/controllers/', '/next/full/path/to/controllers/'), 'datasources' => array('/full/path/to/datasources/', '/next/full/path/to/datasources/'), 'behaviors' => array('/full/path/to/behaviors/', '/next/full/path/to/behaviors/'), 'components' => array('/full/path/to/components/', '/next/full/path/to/components/'), 'helpers' => array('/full/path/to/helpers/', '/next/full/path/to/helpers/'), 'vendors' => array('/full/path/to/vendors/', '/next/full/path/to/vendors/'), 'shells' => array('/full/path/to/shells/', '/next/full/path/to/shells/'), 'locales' => array('/full/path/to/locale/', '/next/full/path/to/locale/') ));

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thanks but App::build not available in cakephp 1.2 but i used Configure::write('controllerPaths',$controllerPaths); its working fine – Chirag Oct 31 '12 at 9:16

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