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In the Google Play store there is an app titled Smart Measure that can be used to measure the height and width of an object. I would like to integrate this functionality into a survey app I am developing.

Firstly I have done a test or two with this app and it seems accurate enough. Does anyone have any opinions on the possible accuracy of this technique used by the app to determine the height and width?

How would I go about using the motion and position sensors to determine height and width of an object about 10 meters away? The trigonometry side of things I can handle, I just need an approach that will assure accuracy of at least 1 meter.

Is there any open source library that can be used? I know this is an open ended question, but was not sure were else to ask this question. Any knowledge or help would be greatly appreciated.

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I've downloaded this app, and it seems pretty good. I think that the approach is solid. The accuracy of the apps is very much dependent on the hardware of the actual device being used. The accuracy of the sensors would be very variable. The apps give an option to calibrate the app to your device. I would say that you need to do measurements yourself to get an idea of the accuracy using a range of devices.

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