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I have UserDetails class:

@interface UserDetails: NSObject{

  NSString* resourceName;
  NSNumber* resourceId;


I have an object("user") of this class in class B which I am passing in another Class C. Now I need to store the resourceNames of different users in an array and display it in another class C(TableviewController). I am using the following statements in class C:

NSMutableArray *arr (declaration)


 arr=[[NSMutableArray array] retain];
 arr=user1.resourceName;  (user1 is an object of UserDetails data class).

Error : Incompatible pointer types assigning to "NSMutableArray" from "NSString".

Can you help me with this?

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You are directly assigning stringValue "resourceName" to "arr",which will give u error.If u wanna store the resourceName in array ..try this

arr=[[NSMutableArray array] retain]; // your initialization
 [arr addObject:user1.resourceName];
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[arr addObject:user1.resourceName];
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This is a bit mixed up but your main problem is assigning a string to an array (which the compiler tells you about), what you should be doing is adding the string to the array

NSMutableArray *array = [NSMutableArray array]; 
[array addObject:user1.resourceName];
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