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How to add/edit components list in trac. Where's the 'trac.ini' file found?

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If you have the appropriate admin permissions, you can use the Admin web interface to edit Components (URL .../admin/ticket/components).

trac.ini is in <projectenv>/conf/trac.ini.

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The component list is not stored in the .ini, but in the database. Use the admin tab in the web interface (logged in as a user with TRAC_ADMIN or TICKET_ADMIN permissions) to manage your components. OR, you can use the trac-admin commandline utility to add and remove components.

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Permissions to components are managed using the Trac Permissions (TICKET_VIEW, BROWSER_VIEW, etc ..).

However, components (and plug-ins) can be enabled and disabled via trac.ini. Take a look at the components section of the TracIni documentation.

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