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I've tried pretty much anything I could find on Google, if you enter: bluehost git repository all of the results on first page and some on second, I've tried. Also I've tried this very useful tutorial but not to much help, 8 ways to share your git repository So far this is what I got. When using HTTP method I can clone/fetch/pull repository to my computer but I can't push. It requires changes to be made to httpd.conf which is not possible on Bluehost. With CGI(http://en.bainternet.info/2012/how-to-git-over-http) method in conjunction with HTTP I always get 500 server error. And when using SSH since I do have access to SSH shell I get "The remote end hung up unexpectedly". Most of the tutorials found on Google are at least 6 months old, for example this(http://www.calzzani.com/blog/?p=92) one offers a very good solution, but

I was messing around with my .bashrc file all morning before finding out that bluehost no longer allows remote paths to be accessed via non-interactive logins. If only I had discovered this 4 hours sooner!

I wasted more than 4 hours trying solutions out, can this be done?

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I had this same question, so I did some searching and found an answer that works. Here is the link to the page.


Hope it works for you too.

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It seems bluehost offer their own support topic for git installs now

See VPS or Dedicated Hosting - Installing Git

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wholladay's link is helpful
but these articles also help me

simple process of installing git

hosting a remote repo

hope these help

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