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I understand how CSRF works, why it works & how to mitigate it. now, I have a web-application, its vulnerable to CSRF, I want to know if someone has successfully made a CSRF attack on my web-app. Is there a way to log it if there's CSRF

Thanks Suzee

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As a long as your app is not secure itself there is no better chance than going through the logs and see if there were requests with a referrer from an unknown site/site that makes not much sense. But this only works, when all the request headers are logged.

Once your app is secure, somewhere will be code like this

if is_csrf_attack

Edit: With "making not much sense" I meant that you should look for URLs in referrer headers that should not send requests to your site -> it makes not much sense for these sites to call your API/URLs.

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Exact response I've been looking for. Thanks very much. but I wonder Why did you say, it doesn't make much sense – suzee Sep 26 '12 at 10:47
I answered your question in an edit. I should have probably used a comment but I am still new to SO. Check mark would be appreciated ;) – CQQL Sep 27 '12 at 14:12

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