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It seems that the max zoomlevel (where you see max details) is different on iOS 6; I am not able to get as close to the surface as in iOS 5.

Does anybody know a way to match the max zoomlevel of iOS 5 in iOS6?

If I set a span of delta lon/lat 0.000001, 0.000001 (which is far beyond the max zoomlimit)

I get these results back from the mapview.region.span

// ios 5: actual span after zoom 0.002747, 0.001277
// ios 6: actual span after zoom 0.003460, 0.001608

the next matchable zoomlevel supported by Google is:

// actual span after zoom 0.005493, 0.002553

That is quite a jump.

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I had the same problem on iOS 6 and found no way to fix it. Just installed Xcode 4.6 DP1 and tested my App with Simulator 6.1 . Max zoomlevel now seems to be (nearly) the same .

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