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I have an idea for a programmatic vector drawing platform, but I would rather not implement it myself if it exists. The platform should be language agnostic, and approximate the following description of some of its properties:

  1. a server that manages the states of a set of vector displays, and communicates with:
  2. a class of clients connecting to send drawing instructions to these displays
  3. a class that connects to view the state of some drawing context and send keyboard/mouse events
  4. a class that is listening for events, and possibly communicating back with the class of clients described by #2 independent from the graphics server.
  5. Ideally #1 is cross platform, and the client side of #3 would have a browser based viewer

Does something like this exist already?

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I have been working on a vector graphics library for a while.

It loads SVG and can serialise individual objects / groups to JSON. so you would just have to send them over the pipe.

It an early stage project, but I am trying to raise awareness, there is a discussion list here.!forum/vectoroid-discuss

it's a bit bare at the moment :(

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