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I run recently on quite some trouble with python multiprocessing Pool method. As you suggested, I'll try hardcoring these functions but:
a) they use sqlite databases
b) they are cross-dependent
c) they are not faulty in any way, since 6 iterations are correct and this problem appeared in only one of the files processed

from multiprocessing import Pool
import sys

def search_init(inp, variable = '', ID = None):
    wordlist = inp
    var_list = {}
    print "Marker1"
    p = Pool(10)
    print "Marker2"
    if variable != '':
        list1 = p.map(1_search, wordlist)
        list2 = p.map(2_search, wordlist)
    return list1, list2

def 1_search(wordlist):
    list1 = []
    for a in wordlist:
    return list1

def 2_search(wordlist):
    list2 = []
    for a in wordlist:
    return list2

def getvars(lines):
    vars = []
    for line in lines:
       if "some words that are not really important" in line:
    return vars

def getwords(lines):
    words = []
    for line in lines:
        for a in line.split():
    return words

    f = open(sys.argv[1], 'r').readlines()
    vars = getvars(f)
    words = getwords(f)
    counter = 1
    for variable in vars:
        print "Iteration %i", %(counter)
        counter += 1
        list1, list2 = search_init(words, variable=variable)

if __name__ == '__main__': main()

//EDIT: The 1_search and 2_search are not actual functions, these were just simulations. The real ones use sqlite databases so it's impossible to post them here. They are not faulty anyway. The problem is in line with p = Pool(10), and only in one file processed so far. //

The input is a txt file. That's the essential part of the code. My problem is, that the input file gives 10 vars with getvars() function. When the iteration starts, the first 6 cycles are processed properly, but at the seventh one, the script freezes. It drains 100% of one core and sits like that for 2-3 minutes then dies without any error report. I put markers to find faulty line and got to the fact, that in iteration 7., "Marker1" is displayed, but "Marker2" is not. The end display looks like this:

Iteration 1:
Iteration 2:
Iteration 3:
Iteration 4:
Iteration 5:
Iteration 6:
Iteration 7:

It seems, that the process stops at assigning workers with Pool method, but i have no idea why. What is even more interesting, using other files does not result in this kind of situation. I'm using Python 2.7.3 on Ubuntu 11.10

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Please post a complete example. Your code has some syntax errors and some parts use variables that are not defined. Also could you tell which python version are you using and on which system you are running the code? –  Bakuriu Sep 26 '12 at 12:30
There are still many problems with this code. For starters, 1_search and 2_search are not valid syntax, org is never defined (and if it is not equal to '' it will always cause an error. Did you mean to use var, because that's never used). getvars and getwords don't exist (you should just hardcode an example of each). –  David Robinson Sep 26 '12 at 18:23

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