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I'm looking to rsync only specific files and directories from a cpanel backup to a remote server.

The basic structure is:


from within USERNAME directory I want to backup


and also a folder (containing files and subfolders)


so I end up on my remote server with:


I could use wildcards

rsync /backup/cpbackup/daily/*/mysql/*.sql  user@remote.ip.address:servername/

but this won't give me the USERNAME folder remotely and will mean all the files end up getting merged. I assume this is possible by iterating through folders with bash or something like tht but thats not my strong point

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rsync has '--include-from' and '--exclude-from' parameters. This let you define white and black lists in a separate file. Maybe this can make the solution more simple.

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Answered it myself:



for dir in `ls "$src/"`
  if [ -d "$src/$dir" ]; then

        # look for mysql directory      
        if [ -d $mypath ]; then
                rsync -vau --progress --stats --rsh=ssh $mysqlfile$dir

        # look for images directory      
        if [ -d $impath ]; then
                rsync -vau --progress --stats --rsh=ssh $impath$dir

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