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I'm using subsonic 2.2 in an app. I'm running a little complicated query in I have used both "And" and "Or" for a field, I'm little confused about how it is going to be translated into sql statement

MytableCollection col = DB.Select().From("mytable").Where("prop1").IsEqualTo(obj.prop1)

I want to perform query like this.

select * from mytable where (prop1=obj.prop1 or prop1=1)  and prop2=obj.prop2 and prop23=obj.prop3
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you can use expression in subsonic 2.2.

MytableCollection col  = new Select(Mytable.Schema)
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Since the query only has one set of brackets you should only need one AndExpression – Adam Cooper Aug 11 '09 at 13:45
ah yes. you are right – Anwar Chandra Aug 11 '09 at 14:47
It would be like. select * from mytable where (prop1=obj.prop1 or prop1=1) and ( prop2=obj.prop2 ) and ( prop23=obj.prop3 ) – Anwar Chandra Aug 11 '09 at 14:50

As Andra says you can use AndExpression. This should do what you want:

MytableCollection col = DB.Select().From(Mytable.Schema)

N.B. using MyTable.Schema and MyTable.Columns will catch a lot of issues at compile time if you rename tablees and will save errors caused by mistyping

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Something that is REALLY useful to know about is also the following two methods to call in your query building:




Mix those bad buoys and you have a lot better control over knowing where things start and finish

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