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I have a MonoTouch AVAudioPLayer that i want to play whenever an event occurs.

My code looks like this:

AVAudioPlayer player = AVAudioPlayer.FromUrl(url);

public void handleEvent(object sender, eventArgs e)

But if the event occurs again before the player is finished playing the sound, it will not fire again, waiting until the sound is complete before accepting another .Play() command.

How can get the sound to fire regardless of whether it is already playing?

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AVAudioPlayer isn't a good choice for sound effects--it's meant more for making a music player. (It also pauses any music playing in the background like iTunes or Pandora)

Try using system sounds, see here: How can I play a sound on the iPhone using MonoTouch?

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Thanks Jonathan, i was hoping i could avoid it so i wouldn't have to bother with a relatively exotic encoding like .caf, but it'll do. –  Timothy Groote Sep 26 '12 at 13:41
For future reference : you can make a CAF file by converting the sound to an .aif, then simply renaming the file extension to .caf –  Timothy Groote Sep 26 '12 at 14:02

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