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I have tried for several hours on several moments to get my carrierwave setup correctly working but haven't be able to get this issue fixed.

Correctly loading a image version + show the default_url version when no image present. Using below code at this moment because default_url does not work. I call below method like show_avatar( from any view to display user picture.

  def show_avatar(id)
    @profile = User.find(id).profile rescue nil
    image_tag ("/assets/avatars/img_122x145.png")    <---- This is my default image 

I know this is not the right way to do it? What would be the correct clean way of having this functionality implemented?

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What happens if you set default_url in your avatar uploader class? That should work. – shioyama Sep 26 '12 at 11:36

try this

image_tag("/assets/img_122x145.png")  # if image in assets/avatars folder
image_tag("/assets/avatars/img_122x145.png") # if image in assets/images/avatars folder
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