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Is there any way to refresh/update just a specific TreeColumn in a TreeViewer? I currently have a feature in my TreeViewer that cand hide/show a TreeColumn. When a column is hidden, the values for that column can go out of sync with my Model. Thats why I need to refresh to Column when I enable it again and the operation of getting the value for cells of the column is very expensive.

I have a solution but I'm hoping that there is a better solution (maybe something out-of-the-box). I managed to define my LabelProvider as an Inner Class in the class that contains the TreeViewer (CustomTreeView extends ViewPart). CustomTreeView will have the method update(TreeColumn) which will:

  1. store the TreeColumn in a private field of the inline LabelProvider class.
  2. call TreeViewer.refresh()
  3. set the TreeColumn field of the inner LabelProvider to null.

The update(ViewerCell cell) method of the LabelProvider will check if the ViewerCell belongs to the TreeColumn stored in the LabelProvider and refresh it if needed.

What do you think? Thanks in advance.

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