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I am using PrimeFaces 3.3.1. I need to use <p:submenu> in <p:toolbarGroup>. Is there any way to do?

I don't use <p:menubar> because there are some problems with menubar. Such as,

  • when i want to hover a submenu item, its menuitems disappear before i can click them
  • i am using "start" theme and toolbar looks much better than menubar
  • there is no "align" option. (i know i can do it by "style" option but usage of align option in toolbarGroup is simpler:)


So I want to use <p:toolbar> but I can't use <p:submenu> in <p:toolbarGroup>. How to do so?

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You should use p:menubutton and p:menuitem like this:

<p:toolbarGroup align="right">
    <'p:menuButton value="Options">  
        <p:menuitem value="Home" url="" />  
        <p:menuitem value="ShowCase" url="" />  
        <p:menuitem value="TouchFaces" url="" />  
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i know that. i need <p:submenu> instead of one of these <p:menuitem>. – tylerdurden Sep 28 '12 at 12:20

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