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I am using LazyHighCharts in rails 3. My requirement is to show different color in a column. when i use series = { :type=> 'bar', :name=> [], :data=> @rooms, :color=> 'pink' } it displays whole column in pink color. Suppose i have 5 rows in a column and i want to show first row in pink color and the rest four row in green color. can anyone suggest me solution for this. thnks

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i don't know if you have resolved this issue, but this is how i resolved it.

#Controller before set data to the series option
data = []
your_array.each do |t|
       data << {:y=>t.value, :color=>"#"+("%06x" % (rand * 0xffffff))}

then set data to series option
f.series({:name=>"Subcurso", :data=>data} )
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