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I am looking for the nice form of

if (! write_to_file($data) )
    write_to_file($data) or die "Cant write to $file_name" ;

it looks very unclear, is not it? How to write it self-explaining?

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are $data and $file_name two different files? and what exactly do you mean by 'self-explaining?'? –  amphibient Sep 26 '12 at 12:09
@xoid You could change the if (! foo()) to if (not foo()) or unless (foo()), but I can't see the real question here. –  amon Sep 26 '12 at 12:11
@amon : The way I see the question, the OP wants a more elegant way to write the same logic. –  Zaid Sep 26 '12 at 12:46

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"Do or fix & do or die!"

Assuming write_to_file( $data ) returns false upon failure:

   write_to_file( $data )
or do { open_this_file( $file_name ); write_to_file( $data ) }
or die "Can't write to $file_name";

You could rewrite it without the do block as well thanks to operator precedence. The comma between open_this_file and write_to_file has a higher precedence than or, so the effect is the same as the do block:

   write_to_file( $data )
or open_this_file( $file_name ), write_to_file( $data )
or die "Can't write to $file_name";
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for my $try (1..$num_tries) {
    last if write_to_file($data);
    die '...' if $try == $num_tries;
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open_this_file($file_name) if not write_to_file($data);
write_to_file($data) or die "Cant write to $file_name";

Doesn't make much of a difference, but its cleaner, as you wanted..

Or you can use this one-liner: -

write_to_file($data) or open_this_file($file_name) and 
                        write_to_file($data) or die "Cant write to $file_name";
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sub is_open { return (tell($handle) != -1); }

open_this_file($file_name) if not is_open($handle);
write_to_file($data)       or die "Cant write to $file_name" ;

where $handle is the file handle.

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