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I created a scala project using SBT and wrote some unit test cases using scalatest. But somehow sbt test can't find the org.scalatest package.

Here my project definition files:

  • Sources are in src/main/scala respective src/test/scala
  • build.sbt:

    name := "MyProject"
    version := "0.1"
    scalaVersion := "2.9.2"
  • project/plugins.sbt:

    addSbtPlugin("com.typesafe.sbteclipse" % "sbteclipse-plugin" % "2.1.0")
  • project/build.sbt:

    libraryDependencies += "org.scalatest" %% "scalatest" % "1.8" % "test"

I'm using SBT 0.11.3.

Compiling the program using sbt compile on the console works fine. Furthermore I found the scalatest jar in ~/.ivy2, so SBT must have downloaded it.

But when running sbt test, it says

object scalatest is not a member of package org
[error] import org.scalatest.FlatSpec
...[many errors alike]

And running sbt eclipse creates a .classpath that doesn't contain the scalatest jar.

Do I have to specify the test dependencies somewhere else? How should I add the scalatest library?

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Place libraryDependencies += "org.scalatest" %% "scalatest" % "1.8" % "test" into build.sbt, not project/build.sbt.

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For using versions later than 1.8, do you know what needs to be added to 'resolvers'? –  akauppi Nov 8 '12 at 12:37
You can use the ScalaTest Sonatype OSS repo as described here. –  semberal Nov 11 '12 at 12:32

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