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I need some help with the following scenario.

  1. Imagine a end-user receives an email (on its desktop) with a link to a web application. That app I've built in Java and it's running on top of a Tomcat servlet in another dedicated machine. That workstation the user is logged on authenticates against a Domain Controller (active directory).

  2. I've seen many commercial applications that also runs on top of tomcat and that somehow bind themselves to Microsoft IIS/AD, so that when an end-user access their app, they can get the domain-user logon and single-sign-on them into that built Java application. Long story short, I gotta do the same

But where to start? All I know is that currently I'm not being able to do so, since

System.getProperty("user.name"); is not working since it gets the user that is authed against the app. But it's not the case right now. What I need is to get the auth user of the OS

  • So should I bind my Java to Tomcat and have my that last one to be bind against IIS/AD ?
  • Or somehow I can make my Java app bind directly to IIS and get that OS logged user?

Thanks a lot, Bruno Oliveira

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The Scenario you mentioned above question is called "Single Sign on"

You can't get user info logged on a desktop with Web Application alone.

to implement single sign on you need three components namely Active Directory , Single Sign on Component and your Web Application

i hope you can refer this article on IBM developer works to implement on your own. apart from these there are many tools and commercial components available in market I hope this will help you..!

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