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What I'm trying to do is create a submenu (in Joomla! backend) with below code but it does not work.

JSubMenuHelper::addEntry(JText::_('test'), 'index.php?option=com_test&controller=test', $controller == 'testcon');

I have attacted a sample pictures here. It explains what type of menu I want.

sample menu is here. check this picture


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can't you just create a submenu using the Menu Manager? – Lodder Sep 26 '12 at 12:28
It's for front-end not the back-end. Please refer the screenshot attached – Techie Sep 26 '12 at 12:28
ah ok fair enough. which file are you adding this code to? – Lodder Sep 26 '12 at 12:32
I'm adding it to the php. test.php(give that component name is com_test) – Techie Sep 26 '12 at 12:36
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JSubMenuHelper is designed to be used in the Joomla! Administrator section, it's not made for the frontend.

If you really want to get to it, you need to include the file:


Also you will have a bunch of missing CSS (js maybe also) files that you also need to include (form the admin template folder)

But I see no reasons what you want to use JSubMenuHelper in front-end. I would strongly advise against using it.

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Please refer the screenshot attached. I want to add backed sub menu. Not frond-end – Techie Sep 26 '12 at 17:33

You should create menu and (submenu) in Admin Panel, but I think you already know that :) Later you add look and feel with CSS. I think you should do ti with CSS not PHP.

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It's for front-end not the back-end. Please refer the screenshot attached – Techie Sep 26 '12 at 12:29

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