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I mean to start developing a simple android application for printing labels using zebra RW420 printer. They have SDK for android but I cannot figure out where to start from.

I invision an app with a single screen, it asks for the label or purchase order, how many copies we'd like to print, and a print button. Can someone help me get started. Any help will be appreciated.

How I am a going to search for the printer will the SDK will do it for me ?? or I have to use Androids BluetoothAdapter class ... about the label format do I have to create myself or I can use the existing file in the SDK ??

Can I set the printer to print multiple copies ??

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@Ovi, we already have one low-traffic tag for Zebra printers, we do not need to divide it further. Given the fussyness of the blasted things, the more concentrated the knowledge, the better. – Charles Oct 2 '12 at 21:40
Ah, I see; that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation! – Ovi Tisler Oct 3 '12 at 1:46
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The SDK provides a bluetooth discovery class. Look at the documentation and the examples. Check out the BluetoothDiscoverer class. It provides a method to find all bluetooth devices and notifies you in a handler. There is a Developer Demo which comes with the SDK which has an example of how to do a discovery:

    try {
        BluetoothDiscoverer.findPrinters(this, new DiscoveryHandler() {

            public void foundPrinter(DiscoveredPrinter printer) {
                String macAddress = printer.address;
                //I found a printer! I can use the properties of a Discovered printer (address) to make a Bluetooth Connection

            public void discoveryFinished() {
                //Discovery is done

            public void discoveryError(String message) {
                //Error during discovery
    } catch (ConnectionException e) {
    } catch (InterruptedException e) {
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