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I have been trying hard to figure out why does the following "Fiddle" renders so poorly under Internet Explorer 7 and 8:


Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 7 and 8

Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8

Under Internet Explorer 9 the font renders just fine (almost the same as under Chrome and Firefox). However, under Internet Explorer 7 and 8 the rendering is just plainly horrible. Is there any way I can fix this behaviour under these browsers without changing the typeface (Raleway)?

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IE is just poor at rendering fonts (poor with most things to be honest). However usually it is really bad when there is Opacity in play, I can see in your fiddle you aren't using opacity, but you are using the font's weight.

try using px instead of em and try not to set the weight of the font

Hope that helps

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