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I am trying to parse a csv file using Jackson CsvParser into an object that also contains a list of another class.

So the first 2 columns contain data that needs to be bound to the parent class and the data afterwards would need to be bound to another class.

public class Person {
    private String name;
    private String age;
    private List<CarDetails> carDetails;


public class CarDetails {
    private String carMake;
    private String carRegistration;


The log to be parsed would look like:

John Doe, 30, Honda, D32GHF

Or in another log of users all with 2 cars it may look like:

Jane Doe, 29, Mini, F64RTZ, BMW, T56DFG 

To parse the initial 2 items of data to the "Person" class is no problem.

CsvMapper mapper = new CsvMapper();
CsvSchema schema = CsvSchema.builder()

for(numberOfCars=2; numberOfCars!=0 ; numberOfCars--)
    schema = schema.rebuild()

MappingIterator<Map.Entry> it = mapper
    List<Person> people = new ArrayList<Person>();
    while (it.hasNextValue()) {
        Person person = (Person) it.nextValue();

But I do not know how to parse the CarDetails. It seems like I have to be able to search for the value, create a new CarDetails object and add it to the Person object, but I can't see how to extract that information.

My solution is the following:

List<Person> people = new ArrayList<Person>();

MappingIterator<Map<?,?>> it = mapper.reader(schema).withType(Map.class).readValues(personLog);
while(it.hasNextValue()) {
    Person person = new Person();
    CarDetails = new CarDetails();
    Map<?,?> result = it.nextValue();
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If you look at the Javadoc for CsvMapper.readerWithSchemaFor, it states:

no CSV types can be mapped to arrays or Collections

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Yes it seems there isn't a clean way to do this. However in the mean time I've decided to just dump everything into a map and use the schema to identify keys and populate the classes manually. Was hoping there was a better way. Thanks for your input. (I'll post my solution as an update and accept your answer). –  DanF7 Sep 26 '12 at 14:30
Note that if you add a custom serializer and deserializer, you can do this kind of conversion. You could even use standard JSON ObjectMapper for this. –  StaxMan Jul 17 '13 at 4:05

Currently this is not possible, although I think it is a reasonable RFE to maybe do this for the very last column, sort of like Java varargs.

Another related question -- how to handle embedded POJO values -- should be easier to add. But there are still things that should be added to Jackson CSV module.

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