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I have just started to use Pomodoro today and I am trying to work out what I should and should not do during my 25 minute work time.

For my 25 minute work stint I started to write some code and realised that I had done something similar in a related project so I opened that solution to copy and paste that existing code. Question is, is this allowed?

Also, if during my 25 minutes I realise that there is an important work-related email that I need to send can I do that or should that wait for the next 25 minutes or the break.

I am writing this question during my, now extended, 5 minute break. Is this work or is it a break?

I really would appreciate some guidance as I really want to use Pomodoro to focus better on my work.



Another thing that happened to me was that a Adobe AIR update alert came up on my desktop during the 25 minutes. Should I ignore such things until the break?


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This would be better asked at programmers.stackexchange.com –  Ash Burlaczenko Sep 26 '12 at 14:06
Thanks Ash. Will do just that. –  Sachin Kainth Sep 26 '12 at 14:17

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First thing: the question should be writen on the work time. Your break is to relax and you should not do anything that requires much cognition.

Copy code is work. Everything you do for a project is work. Send a e-mail related to work or make a work question in a forum is work too.

But be careful: the e-mail is related to the activity you're doing right now? If not, you should probably take it as another activity and keep doing what you're doing. Try not to interrupt things.

About the Adobe AIR thing: just use your judgment. If you're really concentrated in a dificult task, it's better not to stop right now. But when you're doing something not that hardcore (almost all the time), you can click on "next" for a installation without totally interrupt what you were doing.

The important thing to notice is: during the work time (25 minutes) you focus on a task just enough to get it done in the stipulated. During the break 5 minutes, you just relax, watch some videos, read a blog you enjoy to read at home or something like this.

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It does not even have to be a 'work'. You can use this technique anywhere. Here is a nice article: http://wp.me/prMeE-1D

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