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I want to access geopatial raster data and perform certain manipulations using GDAL in a C# project. Could some one let me know where should I download the latest binaries (that includes utilities, csharp dlls & sample data if any) for the latest version of GDAL library. Preferable greater than GDAL 1.7.0 as I will be using gdaldem.

Any other inputs are highly appreciated.

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If you had any problems with GDAL, I'd help. Just write to me:) nick0n8 (at) gmail . com –  Nickon Sep 27 '12 at 12:22

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Here it is:

You can use this aswell:

But I prefer the first one. Works fine to me:)

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Original link is broken find some more permanent hosting. –  whatnick Jun 4 at 8:39
It was the original hosting. Author moved his resources. Link was up to date in 2012... –  Nickon Jun 9 at 13:10

You can download using link.

Also if you want to compile, you can use this link.

This link describes the primary steps when creating the GDAL/OGR C# binaries from the source.

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