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In the view I have the following class

.class{"data-id" => time.id}

At the end of the view I enable the live click event

$('.class').live("click", function() {
    window.orc.time.whenClicked(#{class.id}, #{class.time}, #    

In coffeescript i have the following function

time.whenClicked = (class.id, time_dur, time_start) -> 
   ct = time_entries.to_time(time_dur, time_start)
   $("div[data-id=#{time_id}]").addClass "ajax"
   $("div[data-id=#{time_id}]").html("<input id=\"editbox\" size=\"8\" type=\"text\" value=\"#{ct}\">") 
   $("#editbox").bind "keyup", (event) ->

In the whenClicked function I need the live("click") to be disabled. If I try


it works, but then the click event will be re-enabled only after I refresh the page, and that's not what I need.

Is there a solution to disable the click event untill the function is executed?

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Don't disable the handler. Just implement a boolean flag so you know if the method is already running or not. You can then immediately return from the handler in that case:

var isBusy = false;

$('.class').live('click', function(){
    if(isBusy) return;
    isBusy = true;
    window.orc.time.whenClicked(/* some params */);
    isBusy = false;
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