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I am trying to find a source of basic stock data and a small chart for an Investor Relations website and companion iPhone app. I only need stock data for one company, but most of the commercial feeds I have looked into charge upwards of $800 a month. From what I can gather from research online, most people use the Yahoo! finance api, but that seems to go against their Terms of Service, so I'd like to find a legal solution a reasonable cost (somewhere below $100 a month).

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If you are a coder, you can get raw data in csv format from yahoo finance from this url


where XXX is the company stock symbol.

With that, you should grab the data and store it locally, then update it once every x minutes. The idea being that if you get 1 hit a day or a million hits a day, you are still only making the same number of data calls to Yahoo.

If you are not a coder, you can use a third party service like barchart.com or uptickIR.com (full disclosure - I do uptickIR). Those cost $100 or less per month.

The difference between the $800 feed and these is that the $800 feeds give you access to all stock symbol data. These feeds give you access to the one or two symbols you are interested in.

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Xignite seems to have some offerings in your price range (under $800 per year, not per month), take a look at http://www.xignite.com/product/global-stock-quote-data/

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