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I'm stuck on a homework question. I'm trying to define a function that checks if an element exist in a list using recursion. Below is what I have.

(defun is-member2 (X S)
"Check if a X is a member of S"
(if  (and (atom X) (not (null S)) (lisp S) (> (length S) 0))

    ;X- is a value, not a set
    (if (equal X (car S))

        (equal 'a 'a)

        (is-memeber2 X (cdr S))


    ;No- X is not a value
);end if

However, I keep on getting that is-memeber2 is undefined. This leads me to believe that either X is no longer a valid element or that (cdr S) is sending nul, but shouldn't my if statement catch this?

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We're not using the homework tag anymore. See the community bulletin on the right. –  Erick Robertson Sep 26 '12 at 14:54
a suggestion for improving your current function: (defun is-member2 (element list-of-elements &key (test 'equalp)) (if (not list-of-elements) nil (if (funcall test element (first list-of-elements)) (first list-of-elements) (is-member2 element (rest list-of-elements)))) This would make your if-condition more readable and also allow you to parse lists containing sublists, as your current function would just aboard instead of continuing the search. –  Sim Oct 1 '12 at 10:09

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is-member2 does not equal is-memeber2. Check your spelling.

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I can't believe I overlooked something so obvious. Thanks –  Freddy Sep 26 '12 at 15:40

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