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I have a @ModelAttribute account which has a field named title. I need to display this field in my JSP, and also bind it in the next call cycle. If I do this;

Title: ${editAccountForm.account.title} <br/>

It only displays the value. When someone submits the Form in the JSP, account is empty again. How do I get the label to reflect the value, just like a form:input tag?

I tried this:

<form:label path="account.issuer">some text</form:label> <br/>

but it dint work. Please help.

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but that is the same to displaying it normally ${editAccountForm.account.title}. After that, populate the value in a hidden field. that will update the value in the model

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yeah, i figured that out. seems like that's the only way. i even tried form:input with disabled=true but dint work :( –  th3an0maly Oct 2 '12 at 13:12

You can put a

<input type="hidden" name="account.title" value="${editAccountForm.account.title}" />

The name attribute must be the same as the one generated by a spring form:input.

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That doesn't work. For some reason. It doesn't display anything at all. Besides, I'm trying to use JSTL. Is there a way I can do this with form:label? –  th3an0maly Sep 26 '12 at 15:28

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