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My version :

SugarCRM CE 6.5.2 running on linux

What I want to do :

I've customized the Documents module in "custom/modules/Documents" by writing several logic hooks. These logic hooks creates new folders in "ressources/" which is my new upload folder. (I've change the 'upload_dir' from "./upload" into "./ressources" in the config.php) This is done through a custom field created in studio named "folder_name" And then, the logic hooks cut and paste the document uploaded into this new folder.

What is my problem

So, with all of this, my download url in Edit, Detail and Revisions Subpanel Views is false. I would like to change it to the right folder, like, for example adding a folder parameter in the url like this :


I tried to change the a href link in EditView.tpl or DetailView.tpl, (like ) but it didn't work since they were located in my cache/modules/Documents folder and were overriding when i did a quick repair.

So I copies/pasted the DetailView.tpl and the EditView.tpl into custom/modules/Documents/tpls and tried to override the view.edit.php and the view.detail.php to link the customized templates, but it did not work. code :



  class DocumentsViewDetail extends ViewDetail {

     function DocumentsViewDetail() {

    function display() {

    function detailViewProcess() {
      $this->lv->searchColumns = $this->searchForm->searchColumns;

      if (!$this->headers)
      if (empty($_REQUEST['search_form_only']) || $_REQUEST['search_form_only'] == false) {
        //here we are overriding with your custom template            
        $this->lv->setup($this->seed, 'custom/modules/Documents/tpls/DetailView.tpl', $this->where, $this->params);
        echo $this->lv->display();



Do you have any idea why this doesn't work?

Do you have any idea on how i could rewrite my URLS or override the Edit, Revisions SubPanel and Details Views?

Please answer, this is URGENT

Thank you by advance.

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2 Answers 2

Try adding the folder parameter to the variable $file_url inside the method fill_in_additional_detail_fields() in modules/Documents/Document.php.


EditView: include/SugarFields/Fields/File/EditView.tpl
DetailView: include/SugarFields/Fields/File/DetailView.tpl

<a href="index.php?entryPoint=download&id={$fields.{{$vardef.fileId}}.value}&type={{$vardef.linkModule}}&folder=test" ...

ListView: include/SugarFields/Fields/File/ListView.tpl

<a href="index.php?entryPoint=download&id={$parentFieldArray.ID}&type={$displayParams.module}{$vardef.displayParams.module}&folder=test" ...

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Hi, @air4x! First, thanks for your answer! I tried what you said by changing the $file_url in modules/Documents/Document.php AND in custom/modules/Documents/Document.php by just writing the url by hand : <a href="ressources/{$this->folder_name_c}/{$this->document_revision_id}"> AND I changed the $query to take my documents_cstm.folder_name_c and my . of course. But it did not change anything.. do you have another idea? –  Gaelle Sep 27 '12 at 9:21
@Gaelle Try changing $this->file_url_noimage too. Also, I don't think copying Document.php to custom/modules/Documents/Document.php will work. –  air4x Sep 27 '12 at 10:29
i saw on sugarcrm documentation that writing all your changes in custom folder is the way to have an upgrade-safe code... So i prefer to write my modifications here. It worked for my logic hooks, so i think it would work for the rest, but i have to find a way to override the views. and $this->file_url_noimage, well, i don't know what it does, and i thought it had not much to do with my url rewriting... i am totally lost, so if someone has an idea... –  Gaelle Sep 27 '12 at 12:51
@Gaelle $this->file_url_noimage is present in fill_in_additional_detail_fields(). It would be $this->file_url_noimage = "index.php?entryPoint=download&type=Documents&id={$this->document_revision_id}";‌​ now. try adding your folder parameter to it and see if it works. –  air4x Sep 27 '12 at 13:02
i got this : $this->file_url_noimage = "index.php?entryPoint=download&folder={$this->folder_name_c}&type=Documents&id={‌​$this->document_revision_id}"; and this: $file_url = "<a href='index.php?entryPoint=download&folder={$this->folder_name_c}&id={$this->doc‌​ument_revision_id}&type=Documents' target='_blank'>".SugarThemeRegistry::current()->getImage($img_name, 'border="0"', null,null,'.gif',$mod_strings['LBL_LIST_VIEW_DOCUMENT'])."</a>"; and it doesn't work. Why does the file_url_noimage has something to do with my document url? could you explian to me please? –  Gaelle Sep 27 '12 at 13:51

So, thanks to @air4x, i did answer my trouble : overriding the DetailView.tpl To make it upgrade-safe, i copies it from




It works!

BUT there is a big trouble coming...

explanations : 1] I create a new Document, uploading image01 to Folder01. Save. Database ok. in DetailView the folder name is "Folder01" and the link '//Folder01/image01_id' works.

2] I create another new Document, uploading image02 to Folder02. Save. Databse ok. BUT in DetailView the folder's name is not "Folder02" but "Folder01". AND the link is //Folder01/image02_id so it doesn't work, because in database or in my folders, the file is still in Folder02.

Here is my custom/include/SugarFields/Fields/File/DetailView.tpl code :

//BEGIN the code i modified
<span class="sugar_field" id="{{if empty($displayParams.idName)}}{{sugarvar key='name'}}{{else}}{{$displayParams.idName}}{{/if}}">
   <a href="ressources/{$fields.folder_name_c.value}/{$fields.{{$vardef.fileId}}.value}" class="tabDetailViewDFLink" target='_blank'>{{sugarvar key='value'}}</a>
//END the code i modified

{{if isset($vardef) && isset($vardef.allowEapm) && $vardef.allowEapm}}
    {if isset($fields.{{$vardef.docType}}) && !empty($fields.{{$vardef.docType}}.value) && $fields.{{$vardef.docType}}.value != 'SugarCRM' && !empty($fields.{{$vardef.docUrl}}.value) }
        {capture name=imageNameCapture assign=imageName}
        <a href="{$fields.{{$vardef.docUrl}}.value}" class="tabDetailViewDFLink" target="_blank">{sugar_getimage name=$imageName alt=$imageName other_attributes='border="0" '}</a>
{{if !empty($displayParams.enableConnectors)}}
    {{sugarvar_connector view='DetailView'}}

I really don't know why my $fields.folder_name_c.value stay from the first document and replace the one in the second document... Do you know how i could do a sql query in my EditView.tpl to change it and have the right value?

Please, i really need help.

Thank you

(ps : @air4x, thanks a LOT, even if i have another trouble, that showed me hox to override EditView. THANK YOU! )

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I am not sure, but try adding double braces i.e. {{$fields.folder_name_c.value}}. I think it would keep it as a parameter for smarty to parse in the cached template file. –  air4x Sep 28 '12 at 15:26
I tried : it doesn't find the variable. i've got <a href="ressources/{{$fields.folder_name_c.value}}/{$fields.{{$vardef.fileId}}.val‌​ue}"...> and the url says ressources//DocID because it's empty, i believe it did not find the good name. I'm now in week end but i'll try to come tomorrow and after to check and try to got the code. Thanks for trying to help me @air4x –  Gaelle Sep 28 '12 at 15:39

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