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I am trying to understand how Backbone.LocalStorage is used the from the following jagin/todos.

Referring to the Backbone.Marionette doc, In order to render the list of todos, it should be enough to make the following code:

new CompositeView({
  model: someModel,
  collection: someCollection,
  itemView: RowView

So, referring to the jagin/todos the collection should be an object fetched from the backbone.localstorage.

My question is:
I would like to get this collection/models from the javascript console.
I did try the following but it returns an object which is different from a backbone.collection.

new Backbone.LocalStorage("todos-marionette"); 
// {"name":"todos-marionette","records":["1244f588-be3d-c493-5c86-b2abb997af82"]}

Any ideas?

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