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I am trying to get people that are not logged in to log in by linking them to the log in fields in the sidebar.

So far I managed to accomplish this:

<?php comment_form(array(must_log_in => sprintf(__('You must be <a href="#reg">logged in</a> to comment.')))); ?>

So I am using the Login with AJAX widget, or I could just place the plugin's template tag in there which is <?php login_with_ajax() ?>. Right before the widget I have placed <a name="reg"></a>, so when they click the link to log in they get to where the log in form is, but they are not placed in the username field. Is there a way (I doubt it) where I can place the focus in the username field? That is to have a blinking cursor in there?

"It is not possible" is also an acceptable answer, so I can move onto my next problem.

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Assuming something like <input type="text" id="username">, you could use


in JavaScript.

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