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I'm using Backbone.js to manage my views. I extend Backbone.View like so:

My.Views.PieChart = Backbone.View.extend({
    chartId: '',
    plot: {},
    params: {},
    legendLocation: 's',    // default value
    render: function() {

Then I extend PieChart again to get the specific object.

My.Views.GenderChart = My.Views.PieChart.extend({
    chartId: 'gender',
    el: '#gender',
    legendPosition: 'e'

However, the GenderChart.legendPosition was still 's' when I call GenderChart.render()?


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Are you certain? Looks to me like the variables are two different names, and that might be causing the trouble. Do you actually want legendLocation and legendPosition or do you want to be overriding the legendLocation key in the superclass?

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Jesus, of course I meant legendLocation. Thanks for spotting the mistake! – stevew Sep 27 '12 at 0:13

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