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Is there a way to create non-standard windows with Tkinter? I want something of a floating image on the screen, with Tkinter widgets inside. Think something like Growl for Mac, Siri on the iPad, Mac OS volume/brightness change bezels, etc. If this isn't possible, is there a way to get rid of the top bar on the window with the title and close/minimize/resize buttons, and require the script to complete (or modifier-Q keystroke) to close?

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wm_overrideredirect will remove the standard window borders. You'll still be stuck with a rectangular window. You can adjust the transparency of the window with wm_attributes (look for the alpha attribute), though this only works on Windows and the Mac.

There have been attempts at shaped windows with tcl/tk, which you might be able to get to work with Tkinter, though it requires compiling some code. See Managed and shaped toplevel on the tcl'ers wiki.

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