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Is there a way to unit test raising an event with moq if an event that is used in an interface implementation does not appear in the interface you are mocking?

Note: My interface doesn't have anything to do with my UI and my events are just used for UI notifications, so I wanted to decouple that behavior from the actual interface as the repository is in a separate library from the client/UI.

For example:

    public void TestRaiseBarProcessed()
        ManualResetEvent barProcessedEvent = new ManualResetEvent(false);
        bool called = false;

        Mock<IFooRepository> mockFooRepository = new Mock<IFooRepository>();

            .Setup(a => a.SearchForBar(barsToFind))
                a => a.BarProcessed += null, 
                new BarFoundEventArgs(It.IsAny<string>()));

        IList<IFooRepository> mockFooRepositories = 
            new List<IFooRepository>();


        FooBar fooBar = new FooBar(mockFooRepositories, FooList);

        fooBar.CurrentBarBeingProcessedInfo += (sender, e) =>
                called = true;


        barProcessedEvent.WaitOne(25, false);

            a => a.SearchForBar(barsToFind),

        Assert.AreEqual(true, called);

Let me know if any of this needs more clarification.

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Did you consider having that UI-only event defined in another interface and implementing both of them? If so, you could then use Moq's multiple-interface mocks:

var fooRepositoryMock = new Mock<IFooRepository>();
var barUiEventMock = fooRepositoryMock.As<IBarUiEvent>();
bool wasCalled = false;
barUiEventMock.Object.BarProcessed += (s, e) => wasCalled = true;

    .Setup(m => m.SearchForBars(barsToFind))
        foo => barUiEventMock.Object.BarProcessed += null,
        new BarFoundEventArgs("")

// ...

Assert.That(wasCalled, Is.True);

Call to SearchForBars will cause BarProcessed event to be raised with whatever arguments you pass.

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Thanks, I didn't even think of that option. – NexAddo Sep 26 '12 at 20:57
What if the class that implements both interfaces is iterated over: foreach(IFooRepository repo in fooRepos) { (IBarUIEvent)(repos).BarProcessed += barProcessed; } How do you test that in this example? – NexAddo Sep 28 '12 at 16:27
@NexAddo: your code sample is confusing. You subscribe to an instance returned by enumerator in foreach? If so, you need to mock fooRepos (precisely, GetEnumerator method) to return mocked versions of IFooRepository, and do Setup on those mocks. – jimmy_keen Sep 30 '12 at 8:22

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