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I've changed my asmack library from asmack-issue15.jar to asmack-android-7.jar from Flowdalic/asmack project. Everything runs smooth, but I've a problem with the filetransfer from my server to the android smartphone. The status of the transfer gets never done because it loops in the state "In Progress".

Registered extensions:

providerM.addIQProvider("si", "", new StreamInitiationProvider());
providerM.addIQProvider("query", "", new BytestreamsProvider());
providerM.addIQProvider("open", "", new OpenIQProvider());
providerM.addIQProvider("close", "", new CloseIQProvider());
providerM.addExtensionProvider("data", "", new DataPacketProvider());

Code to receive a file:

File f = new File(PATH_SDCARD + "/tmp/" + request.getFileName());
IncomingFileTransfer transfer = request.accept();
int cnt = 0;

while(!transfer.isDone() && cnt < 20) {
   Log.i(LOG, "STATUS: " + transfer.getStatus().toString());
   Log.i(LOG, "SIZE: " + f.length());
   Log.i(LOG, "PROGRESS: " + transfer.getProgress());
if (transfer.getError() != null) {
   Log.i(LOG, "ERROR: " + transfer.getError());
if (transfer.getException() != null) {
   Log.i(LOG, "EXCEPTION: " + transfer.getException());

Whats wrong here?

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hey, it was an server issue, I enabled proxy file transfer in openfire and now everything works. Thanks – sbo Sep 27 '12 at 20:20
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It was an server issue. I enabled file transfer proxy in openfire and now everything works.

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