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I just set up a git server. I have a repository made with

git init --bare

named repo_equipe.git. I successfully cloned that repository on my computer remotely from the server with git clone git://myserv/myrepo.git.

Then, I added a file and locally commited it. But when I try to push it with

git push origin master OR git push

This is pending ! On my serveur I have a daemon launched with :

git daemon --base-path=C:/git --verbose --enable=receive-pack --export-all

This is doing nothing, juste waiting on both sides. The last line on my server is : Request receive-pack for '/repo_equipe.git' The last line on my client is the command git push.

Thanks a lot for helping me :)

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tried git push origin BARE:master Nothing.

It's just waiting from both sides ; have no clue why this isn't working.

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