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Probably it is quite easy, but I do not find it: I have some data in a variable "data". After initialising the scatterplot everything is fine. Then the data of "data" changes. What should I do now. Old solution: release plot and create a new one. It orks, but this is not nice.

What I try:

  [self.scatterPlot setGraphData:data];

Nothing happens. Therefore I assume I need one more litte step, like "reloading" or "updating", but I cannot find any such possibility. Ideas?

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[[self.scatterPlot] setNeedsDisplay];

If you draw your plot inside drawRect: this will do it.

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Thank you, but it did not work :-( I do not use drawRect –  zen Sep 26 '12 at 16:06

Found the solution.

the missing line is:

  [[self.ScatterPlot graph] reloadData];
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