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I have a fairly simple script designed to hide/unhide various form fields based on customer type. The code looks as follows:

var customerTypeFields = [];
    customerTypeFields['Individual'] = ['First Name(s)', 'Last Name', 'Date of Birth'];
    customerTypeFields['Limited Company'] = ['Name', 'Company Number'];
    customerTypeFields['Partnership'] = ['Name', 'Company Number'];

    $('#customer-type-selector').chosen().change( function() {
        var visibleFields = customerTypeFields[$(this).children("option[value='" + $(this).attr('value') + "']").text()];
        $.each(visibleFields, function(i, field) {
            $('#customer-features').find('input[data-feature-type=' + field + ']').parent().parent().show();

This appears to work to some extent, but I'm getting a strange error when loading an individual, which is:

Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: input[data-feature-type=First (s)] 

You will note that First (s) is not in my array, and as such it seems like the word Name is being stripped - any idea why the string would be edited like that?


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Try including it inside a quotes, $('#customer-features') .find('input[data-feature-type="' + field + '"]') .parent().parent().show(); –  Vega Sep 26 '12 at 15:45

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Escape with double quotes:

(...)  .find('input[data-feature-type="' + field + '"]')  (...)

See more on jQuery's Attribute Equals Selector page. It basically defines it as:


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