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In my project I have made and files correctly so my components compile and dynamically link to the appropriate libraries. One of these components links to a library that uses QT, so the appropriate Makefile must be generated out of the .pro file prior compilation on the target system.

For this I think that I need to find a way to tell my make scripts, through perhaps, that this library must be compiled on its own by first running qmake and the generated Makefile in that directory.

Is this even possible? If so, how do I do it?

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Researching on my own I have found an apparently abandoned project called “AutoTroll” which is supposed to automatically alter files of autotools in order to add compatibility with Qt4. I have tried to make it work with no luck. It lacks a proper documentation also.

Without this tool, compiling Qt4 modules with autotools requires a lot of hacking and interventions, making it really hard and even more for a cross-platform application.

I have switched to CMake. CMake’s setup is far easier than autotools’ and it supports Qt4 modules out of the box.

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