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I have a reasonably large Ember.Application ("MyApp"). I wrote it as a standalone ember-controlled page, but now I want to instantiate N-instances of the application hosted inside an existing (non-ember) page.

Ember docs on Ember.Application suggest that the app should be both the class namespace AND the root of a singleton-instance, but in this case, I need one class namespace, and multiple instances. I don't want to load the classes separately per instance, they are actually fairly large and mobile is a major use-case.

Currently I have:

MyApp = Ember.Application.create({ /* app state */); // namespace & instance
MyApp.SomeSupportingClass1 = ...

My impulse is to do:

MyApp = Ember.Object.create(); // namespace
MyApp.MyApp = Ember.Application.extend({ /* app state */ }); // instance class
MyApp.myAppInstances = Ember.ArrayController.create(); // instances of MyApp.MyApp
MyApp.SomeSupportingClass1 = ...

Will this cause problems? Is there a more 'ember-y' way to structure this?

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I was asking myself the same question and found this: stackoverflow.com/questions/10271546/… –  GriffonRL Oct 8 '12 at 2:22
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