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I can't seem to get the NppFTP plugin to connect to my localhost (via XAMPP) for local development using Notepad++.

According to the http://localhost/xampp/ docs, the default username and password are 'newuser' and 'wampp' accordingly.

I'm using these settings:

  • host:
  • port: 21
  • username: newuser
  • password: wampp
  • initial remote directory: C:/xampp/htdocs/myrootdirectory

The console just says 'Quit' right after I try and connect.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? And if it's because localhost is not a remote directory, how do I configure Notepad++ to browse my local files without relying on Windows Explorer?

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2 Answers

If you're running on windows, make sure you're running your xampp control (xampp ui ) as admin. Then, you have yo check SVC checkbox before filezilla then click start. A pop-up will prompt and click Yes to install it as a service.

after that, click admin then click Yes. set you password then you're good to go.

In you're notepadd++, the settings are the same with the one you posted above.

Hope that helps.


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Actually, it doesn't make sense to Filezilla into your localhost, you should just use the Notepad Plugin, Explorer.

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