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I saw a web page that uses page.aspx?info or page.aspx?download. I tried this but it doesn't work:

if (Request.QueryString["info"] != null)
    Label1.Text = "info";

Is there anyway to check if user entered ?info after the url?

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You may have to try something instead of Request.QueryString to see it. I don't remember the property, but there's one for getting the raw URL requested, you could check for info or download with that yourself. –  Corey Ogburn Sep 26 '12 at 16:17

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If you do not specify the name for a parameter it is taken as null.

Its value would be info

So you would have to check it as follows:

    //Take some action
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?info would result in empty value so your null check will fail. You want to iterate through Keys of QueryString collection to see if one is there.

Sample is available at MSDN -HttpRequest.QueryString, you need to use QueryString.AllKeys with some sort of loop/LINQ query to check for presence of your key:

String[] arr1 = Request.QueryString.AllKeys; 
for (loop1 = 0; loop1 < arr1.Length; loop1++) 
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