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I have a Devexpress gridview with property enablecallbacks=false. When I open the editform and enter some data and click update, it loses the data entered but does the validation. How do I make the editform work retain the value?. I dont want the editform to lose the data during postback?. Any help?.

I have to have the edvexpress with this property to have another control inside the editform to work?.

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Would you share the problematic page/ASPxGridView markup and code? –  Mikhail Sep 28 '12 at 19:40

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Please specify what controls you are using in your edit form.

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You need to setup routing for your edit function in the Gridview settings;

settings.SettingsEditing.UpdateRowRouteValues = new { Controller = "Controller", Action = "Action" };

You also need to call this from some button for example from your editform Example;

@Html.DevExpress().Button(settings =>
    settings.Name = "Name";
    settings.Text = "DELETE";
    settings.ClientSideEvents.Click = "function(s, e){ GridName.UpdateEdit(); }";

However in your question it does not say in what framewoork you are woorking, provided examples are from MVC.

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