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SSSRS 2008 R2

My BIDS project has a few reports but those reports reference a large number of subreports. How do I move all the subreports into their own folder and reference them in the body of my main report?

I tried creating a folder and manually moving the subreports into it. That didn't work. BIDS couldn't find the subreports and the folder didn't appear in the project structure.

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The problem here is that BIDS expects all subreports to be in the same folder as the main report, you can't use paths or subfolders.

However, when deployed to the report server relative paths (e.g. /SomeFolder/MyReport) will work and so you can alter your main report to point to reports in any subfolder or relative path and this will work once deployed. You will not be able to see the subreports in the main report when running it in BIDS though.

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