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Marklogic is an XML db that is used for storage and retrieval of XML based content. Analogus to PL/SQL for Oracle, Marklogic uses XQuery to procedurally manipulate XML.

I'm trying to control XQuery scripts that act on a certain MarkLogic instance similar to using sql scripts with MySQl, say.

With liquibase, this maven plugin works great and I'm wondering if there's equivalent behavior built into some product for Marklogic.

The only Marklogic maven support I found was here, but that doesn't seem to support the niceties of liquibase, such as not re-running scripts that are already run, rollback etc.

Thanks, Pankaj

Based on Eric's suggestion, here's specifically what I'm looking for:

  • Is there a way to store MarkLogic XQuery scripts into my code base and ensure that when I deploy the code base, the script is run if it is not executed in that environment, and not run, if it has.

  • If I provide a "rollback" script, can this new product rollback to a given number of rollbacks say?

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Liquibase is designed to support SQL based migrations. Not clear to me how something like MarkLogic would be supported –  Mark O'Connor Sep 26 '12 at 17:29

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Not sure this will help you, but note that

  • MarkLogic has the ability to do point in time queries.
  • You can tag (via collections) points in time if you so desire.
  • Diffs will be challenging
  • There is a set of API calls in XQuery (dls - Document Library Services) for versioning and control.

IMO, in order for you to get a useful answer, you should be specific about what features you want rather than just asking for all of liquibase.

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